About Me

If you’re not getting the results you want, ReInvent!

I am an expert in helping people – like you – see what is possible, and why intentional reinvention is valuable, even essential. I help you decide what you want reinvention to do for you, and how to accomplish it. I help and coach you as you act on that decision.

I help IT and business executives who:

  • want to LEAD a revolution in IT and their business
  • are tired of mixed results, and
  • want to drive dramatically better outcomes.

It may be your own leadership ability, your team’s abilities, the systems in place that don’t measure up, or the practices and processes currently in place. Whatever it is that’s limiting you and the results you want – that you MUST achieve – I will help you ReInvent IT – AND the results you need!

I work with you IF you are ready for dramatic results, IF you must reinvent how your organization operates, and IF you are committed to do what it takes to make a quantum leap forward. My work with you lowers the cost of business operations, and focuses on accelerating innovation.

I have helped multiple companies with the following:

• Develop a compelling strategy and mission – create superb clarity & actionable vision
• Optimize operational effectiveness – reduce costs while improving operational excellence
• Accelerate innovation – shift from being a business cost to a business profit accelerator
• Execute with excellence – focus on the priorities that deliver the most value
• IT / Business partnership – You want your IT operations to be an innovation and business accelerator
• Develop and retain ownership-focused, high-performance, innovation-driven teams
• Technology transformation: replace complexity with simpler, outcome-focused systems

Be SMART about it – Successfully Make Real Transformation.

To arrange a free 15 minute, no obligation strategy session: call me directly at +1-801-831-2898.

Heman Smith

CEO – ReInvention IQ ::For SMART IT Leaders Who Need Dramatically Different Results


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